Slipstream Cowl by Louise Zass-Bangham

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Slipstream Cowl by Louise Zass – Bangham

Inspiration Knits

This textured cowl shows off the colours of a favourite yarn. Will you choose vibrant variegated or softly semi-solid?

The snug size is designed to sit beautifully over a sweater or inside a coat. It'll keep out the draughts without being bulky.                                                       Enhance your project with optional beads. 

Worked in the round this is an intermediate project.


50cm/ 20" around x 22cm/ 9" high    Easily adjustable                                             


4 Ply / Fingering – allow approx. 300 m. choose a yarn with a good twist and a bit of bounce. 

Needles: use your favourite 3mm needles for knitting in the round – dpn's or magic loop circular with minimum 80cm cable or two sets circulars with 60cm cables or short circular with 40cm cable.

For optional beads: 

Size 6 beads x 135 for standard size. Allow 220 beads if you think you might want a longer beaded section. Crochet hook size 1mm.

This pattern is sold as a leaflet