Cheap Wool Online

If you’re like the knitters at Cricklade Crafts, you’re always working fast through your supply of wool, almost too fast to keep up with. For the real enthusiasts, the costs of staying in stock can quickly grow out of control. This is especially true for those who have to buy from smaller suppliers that have to mark up their prices. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can find all the cheap wool online on our store.

Buy cheap wool online with Cricklade Crafts
We have a huge selection of wool, all of it easy to sort by price to make sure that you’re seeing the best deals. Because we have such a wide selection, it’s easy for us to offer wools that are just as resilient and useful as the higher priced premium items, but at a price that’s affordable for knitters of all budgets.

If you thought our stock was already impressive, we have such a huge collection it can’t all be listed on your website. If you’re looking for cheap wools, get in touch with us over the phone. You can by card or Paypal and we can have it shipped to you as soon as possible.

Always a deal around the corner
Since we have such a huge stock, we always have deals on offer for our more keen-eyed crafters, as well. On our home page, you can see the different items that are currently discounted, sometimes knocking off as much as 50% off the price of a brand-new purchase. If you want to make sure that you never miss and offer, then you should take a look at our newsletter signup, as well. You can get the news of all the latest deals directly to your email inbox.

Perfect for beginners and exploratory crafters
A good supply of cheap wool online can help crafts of all kinds. If you’re new to the hobby, the cost of getting into it might seem far too high to start. Besides the wool, there’s all the needlecraft to invest in, too. The costs of high-quality wool can stop even experienced crafts from being as exploratory and adventurous as they would like with new styles. We can help keep those costs manageable with our selection of cheaper yarns and clearance items.

Your premier supplier of cheap wool online
Cricklade Crafts has been offering cheap wool online and in store for over two decades now. We know that a strong crafting community is well-supported by a reliable, convenient supplier that can help them ensure their stocks of wool never run out. If you ever have any questions for us or simply want to join our community, you’re more than welcome to join our Facebook page.

Start finding the cheap wool online that you’ve been looking for by clicking through the collections at the top of the website. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or you simply need some help, we’re available on 01793 750604. All you have to do is look at our opening times beneath the Information tab. We look forward to helping you however we can.