Baby Yarn Collections

When it comes to the lightest, softest knitwear, designed especially for babies, then you need to make sure that you have baby yarn. We have a huge range of baby yarn collections to ensure that all your creations are perfect for the little bundle of joy in your life.

About our baby yarn collections
We have a huge range of different baby yarn collections, available with a range of soft, soothing palettes and cosy colours. We have different categories to help you explore our baby yarn collections by weight and different textures. These include baby cashmere marino silk (4Ply and DK) and brands like Cherished DK and Pattercake DK.

What is baby yarn?
Baby yarn is term used to commonly describe gorgeously soft, lightweight yarns designed specifically for babies. As such, they’re ideal for making comfy blankets, cosy cardigans, colourful blankets, and even soft toys. This yarn is built for babies, so it’s very gentle on their skin. It’s also long-lasting with proper care, so it could even become a family heirloom over the years.

Ultra-soft and ultra-comforting
Designed with man-made fibres and natural wool components, baby wool is specifically designed to not only be ultra-soft, but to prevent allergic reactions, as well. Unlike with other natural base wools, there’s no risk of the itchiness or skin irritation that might worry some parents.

Perfect for clothing
Because it’s soft and available in a range of weights, baby wool is also excellent for knitting clothes. 4-ply baby wool is especially good for cardigans, jumpers, and hats, with excellent insulating properties that can keep them cosy no matter how chilly it might happen to get outside.

Knit with love
Many a mother and grandmother will want to knit something special for the babies in their life, only to find that regular wool is a little too coarse and not gentle enough on their skin. Baby wool is perfect for creating the blankets, clothing and toys to give to your little bundle. Besides being safe and comfortable to wear, it usually comes in colours and textures designed to appeal specifically to children. Now, you can really knit them something with love.

About Cricklade Crafts
As a Cricklade, Wiltshire-based provider, we’ve been helping crafts find the supply of specialist wools and needlecraft goods they need for over 20 years’. We’re always glad to add new items to our huge collection, including both common favourites and a few new and unexpected twists here and there. We love crafting, so we’re glad to support our community with access to the high-quality goods that they deserve.

Take a closer look at our baby yarn collections
If you’re looking for baby yarn, you need look no further. We have literally dozens of different varieties in a range of brands and weights. Simply look at the Baby Yarn subsection of our Yarn Collections tab to learn more. If you want to request something special or you have any questions about our selection or services, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us at 01793 750604.