Interchangeable Needle Cables

Interchangeable Needle Cables

Needle cables are an essential part of your knitting arsenal. They make your life so much easier, securing your projects in place while you work on them. The only problem is that come cables can only be used with certain needle tips. So, you end up buying loads of different ones, and the clutter up your needlecraft supplies box.

Well, worry no more! At Cricklade Crafts, we supply interchangeable needle cables by KnitPro. These cables are very high-quality and can be used for a variety of knitting projects. The best thing is, they’re interchangeable, so you can use them with a variety of needle tips! You can order yours right now by browsing our online collection and adding your favourite product to your cart.

Coloured Interchangeable Needle Cables
We’re passionate about knitting, so we know how annoying it is when you have to try and find the right needle cables for your project. You spend precious time rooting around in your box or bag, only to come up with various cables that don’t quite cut it. Well, with our interchangeable needle cables, you no longer have to worry about this. They’re available in different colours, meaning it’s much easier to find the one you’re after!

All you have to do is assign each colour a particular purpose, then look for it whenever you need it. It’ll save so much time and prevent you from emptying out your supplies box and creating a huge mess.

Various Cable Lengths Available
We actually stock a variety of different interchangeable needle cables for you to choose from. Each product is available in different sizes as well. Some can be as short as 40cm while others are over 150cm.

Naturally, the length of cable depends on the projects you’re working on. For something small – like a pair of gloves or socks – you won’t need a massively long cable. But, for bigger things – like jumpers or knitted toys – you may need some of the longer varieties. It’s entirely up to you, but these products are highly affordable so it might make sense to buy a collection of lengths, so you have one for everything.

Why Buy From Us?
If you get your interchangeable needle cables from us, then you’ll benefit from first-class Royal Mail delivery throughout the UK. In fact, if your order amounts to £35 or more, then that delivery is free of charge!

We also offer very secure payment methods through PayPal, which means you can order your items online and speed through the checkout process.

Plus, we have such a wide variety of needle cables for you to look at, so you’re bound to find some that suit your knitting needs.

Order Your Interchangeable Needle Cables Today
Check out our online stock by browsing the website today. When you find something you like, add it to your cart and proceed through the checkout. We post orders every day bar Sunday, so your new cables should be with you in a couple of days.

We also have a store in Crickdale that you can come and visit. We’re open most days a week, but we advise you give us a call just to be safe. You can even reserve products over the phone and pick them up in-store!