Crochet Hooks

Are you passionate about crochet? If so, then it’s a great idea to arm yourself with the necessary tools to improve your projects. We’ve got loads of things you can buy, but our crochet hooks are probably the most vital accessory!

With a crochet hook, you can pull your thread or yarn through various loops to create the classic crochet stitches. They have other uses too, and you’ll find them a valuable accessory to add to your collection. The best thing is, you can order yours right now. Check out our product catalogue and order as many crochet hooks as you like – we even offer free delivery on all UK orders over £35.

Multicoloured Crochet Hooks In All Sizes
The crochet hooks on our website are available in lots of different sizes. Obviously, you need to choose the right one for your project. This will depend on the size of needle that you use. 

When you select a product on our site, you can choose the precise size of your crochet hooks. We’ve listed the sizes in millimetres, so this should make it easier to figure out what one you need for your specific project. Alternatively, we do have a crochet hooks kit that includes lots of different sizes all in one package.

Alongside this, our crochet hooks come in different colours. This just adds a nice splash of vibrancy to each product, but it also makes them easier for you to organise. We find it’s far simpler to find the right hooks when they’re colour coded. So, this should stop you from wasting half of your time rooting around in your accessories bag!

We Accept PayPal Payments!
If you buy from us, you get to use PayPal to pay for your entire order. This is one of the most secure payment methods around, and it also speeds up the ordering process. You can pay via credit or debit card too, but you’ll have to give us a ring beforehand.

All of our UK orders get posted by First Class Royal Mail. This ensures that they reach their destination as quickly as possible. Also, we post orders every  day – apart from Sundays. So, if you order now, then your package should be posted by tomorrow at the latest.

As we mentioned earlier, postage is free for all orders above £35 in the UK! If you don’t spend this much, then we base the delivery price on how heavy the order is. We ship internationally as well, and more details of the various payment costs can be found on our website.

Order Your Crochet Hooks Today!
If you need some brand new crochet hooks to enhance your next project, then order them from us today. Look through the collection on our website, pick your favourite ones, then place your order today. We’ll post it as soon as we can, and it will be with you shortly.

If you’d prefer, you can visit our store in Cricklade instead. We stock crochet hooks there, and you can walk away with a new set to start your next project.