Knitting Patterns Online

Besides being one of the top online stores for knitting yarns, needlecraft supplies, and accessories, at Cricklade Crafts, we also offer a huge range of different knitting patterns to help you get started on all kinds of projects. Learn more about our selection here and take a closer look at the collections in the store to bring some brand new projects to life.

Knitting patterns online
Knitters all love a good new pattern that offers a new challenge for their skills and opens up the possibilities to work on all kinds of projects they’ve never tried before. We have a truly huge range of patterns to help with projects of all kinds. We have patterns for ladies’, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories, patterns for toys, felting patterns, and more.

Amongst some of our more popular collections are the Twenty to Make series, each of which has 20 different designs to really give you plenty to work with. Another particularly hot collection is the Debbie Bliss Books, each of which have phenomenal, unique designs for experienced crafters.

Creative ideas for knitters of all skill levels
When looking for knitting patterns online, it’s easy to find yourself out of your depth. Beginners find themselves facing patterns demanding much more than anticipated, and more experienced knitters find themselves with designs that are far too simplistic. We have a range of patterns specifically suited for knitters of all skill and experience levels. From the easy-to-follow guides to the more adventurous challenges, it’s easy to find the pattern for you at Cricklade Crafts.

Stay up to date with all the latest patterns
Instead of having to constantly hunt for knitting patterns online, we make it easy to keep finding new challenges and new opportunities to learn all at one place. At Cricklade Crafts, we’re always updating our stock. Our front page shows the latest products (as well as those currently on offer). If you prefer the newest patterns straight to your inbox, however, feel free to sign up to our newsletter, where we send regular roundups of all our newest patterns. Similarly, our Facebook page is always posting new patterns, so you should never run out of inspiration or design.

About Cricklade Crafts
We’re more than just a yarn and needlecraft supply shop, we’re a team of crafting enthusiasts. As such, we make sure we source all the high-quality patterns and extensive step-by-step guides that actual crafters are looking for. With over 20 years’ experience in providing for knitters of all shades, we know how to find the best products.

If you’re looking for new knitting patterns online to get stuck into, then you don’t need to keep reading about it! Why not check out our store instead and see if you can’t find the perfect pattern, whether you have a specific kind of item you’re looking to make, want some inspiration, or want to make sure you get those suited to your skill levels. If you have any questions, we’re always open to them at