Online Knitting Shop

The convenience and benefits of being able to order items online and have them delivered to your door cannot be overlooked. Yes, we all like to have a shopping day out and about with friends. But when purchasing non-essential items, it has to be said that when we go out to shop, we mainly for social reasons or to have a nice day out and explore what the world of a local market or shopping precinct can offer. However, when it comes to specific items such as knitting supplies, the benefits of access to an online knitting shop are manifold.
Whether you have a project in mind that requires a bulk buy of the same type of yarn and the same colour, or if you have a knitting project in mind that requires a selection of many wools and yarns giving you a massive choice on colour, online shopping is the answer. Even if you are a first-time knitting supply buyer, eager to try your hand at this relaxing and rewarding art, online shopping gives you the ability to get everything you need to begin your journey in one go.
Cricklade Crafts provides an online Knitting shop that has a huge selection of knitting projects and patterns, knitting supplies, heaps of inspiration and even a selection of gifts and knitting sets to buy for the special someone you know in your life who loves the craft of knitting. Cricklade crafts also houses a good selection of felting materials, for either needle felting or wet felting. For anyone who enjoys crocheting, there is a choice of hooks in different sizes on the website of this online knitting shop.
During times that we cannot get to the shops, the online knitting shop provides the ability to purchase and access all you need, meaning you can make a start on, and continue with your chosen project without delay. We even supply storage solutions so you can keep your wools and yarns in good order and organised according to their purpose.
Cricklade Crafts also provide their knitting and crafting products in shop for those that still want to venture outside and experience the joys of seeing and feeling the products themselves. Once you have chosen your wool or other items and taken them home, should you need anything else, you know that what you need is only a few clicks away. Cricklade Crafts have been in business for over 20 years and are no stranger to knowing what is required to start, continue and complete your knitting or crocheting projects. The many years in the trade has given them a vast knowledge of the products available of the market, as well as a keen eye when it comes to spotting new collections and knitting supplies that will enhance the kitting experience of their customers. They have a keen interest in the craft world itself, and that fuels the desire to support, encourage and supply customers with whatever they need and desire to make their online shopping experience and knitting journey a success.