Knitting Shops Swindon

Are you living in Swindon and looking for knitting shops to provide you with all of the supplies you need for your knitting projects and hobby? Cricklade Crafts, situated in the town of Cricklade inbetween Cirencester and Swindon, is home to an abundance of knitting, crocheting and felting supplies. This shop has been providing customers with these craft supplies for over 20 years, and as such are able to provide you with a huge choice of yarns, threads and knitting accessories.
Of course, the ability of visiting the shops premises and speaking directly to staff has multiple benefits. And the benefits of ordering knitting goods online when you can’t get out to the shops in and around Swindon are also apparent. The beauty of Cricklade Crafts is that it makes both options available to you.
The online knitting shop has an array of choice on yarns, patterns, knitting accessories and gift sets. If you want to purchase wool in bulk, then ordering them online makes a lot of sense, so that you don’t have to carry around your crafting goodies, once you have bought them, around all of the other shops you will visit while you are out and about.
Knitting shops, however, does offer you the chance to discuss your purchase with the friends that joins you on a day out to the shops. It also offers you the chance to speak to the knitting shops staff and in-house crafters, and it gives you the ability to see, feel and fully check out the items you wish to buy.
Whatever the decision you make you are sure to find exactly what you need from Cricklade Crafts, near Swindon. Cricklade crafts stock collections of yarns from companies such as Rowan, Sirdar, Sublime, West Yorkshire Spinners and sock yarns by Opal and Regia. You can check out all of our opening times on our website, so you can visit the shops premises.
Over all, modern knitters have at within their reach all they could need n order to full immerse themselves in the crafting world of knitting. So, whether you are a beginner, or an expert knitter, you can find all you need for any or all of your projects with Cricklade Crafts. Modern crafters are fortunate in this regard that the choice available, the styles, the colours and the patterns, can be accessed so easily. Crafting has now become one of the most accessible crafts and arts around, and with all of the tutorials, books and information available on the market, anyone start this hobby up at any time. The joys of creating and producing beautiful knits for you to wear, furnish your home or give as a gift to someone knows no bounds. Contact Cricklade Crafts today and see where it takes you.