Baby Yarn

Knitting and crocheting has been around for centuries as an enjoyable, yet practical art skill. Due to the abundance of ready-made knitted and crocheted garments on the market however, these skills have developed into more of a hobby than necessity. That being said, a large amount of today’s knitters and crochetiers put their hand to needle and yarn, due to the exciting news that a dear family member, or friend is expecting a baby.
The joy of seeing a new born in some of the delightful baby knit patterns available on the market is not something most crafters, even beginners can resist. That, along with a delightful choice of baby yarn, often seals the deal and before you know it, a new project or new knitter or crochetier is born.
The soft tones usually associated with baby yarn is yet another appealing aspect of this craft. Mellow yellows, sky blues and soft dusky pinks are the usual choice of baby yarn for baby knits. However, with a huge choice of colours and baby yarn/wool collections available from companies such as Rowan, Pattercake Yarns, Sublime, Cherished DK and Sirdar the colours available are endless. Coral peach, Lavender and even multi coloured choices of baby yarn using the spray dyed technics, are just some of the colours available for the prettiest baby knits and projects you can find.
But why is this wool called baby yarn? Baby yarn is all about the texture and weight of the yarn. Rather than using some materials that arguably may cause skin irritations and rashes on the delicate skin of a new-born, baby yarn is carefully selected for its softness and comforting properties. For this reason, baby yarn is certainly not limited to baby knits, as these properties are desirable traits for a number of projects. Everybody enjoys the comfort you can get from the feel of soft, sleek and cosy materials such as silk, alpaca or merino wool. However, baby yarn is usually made from man made fibres as it is gentler on the skin and less likely to cause any irritation. Not only is the finished project made with baby yarn suitable for delicate skin, it is also a delight to knit with as it glides softly through the fingers and onto your knitting needles or crochet hook.
Knitting and crocheted projects for baby’s can also be special in that, once completed, some keep the treasured baby yarn knits for generations to come. Especially when you choose to produce an item from a vintage pattern. All of the patterns available at Cricklade Crafts are beautifully chosen and presented, suitable for all levels of knitters and crochetiers, beginners, intermediate and experts.
Check out the huge choice of baby yarn available on the website. Cricklade Crafts also provide customers with all of the extra supplies you could need to get started and complete your chosen baby yarn project.
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